Project Description

The Consciousness of Truth
Grace, no matter what.

A weekend immersion into the spiritual principles behind our experience of life with Rita J Shuford, Ph.D & Lorie Ann Lee, LMFT



Join Rita & Lorie Ann in Eugene, Oregon for a 3-day immersion into the spiritual principles behind and before our human experience.

This relaxing retreat in a beautiful wooded setting will bring alive the consciousness of truth within us – and help us see this is grace, no matter what circumstances arise.

Together we will go beyond the personal mind to the deeper Mind that’s behind it all; and is the essence of life coming to life through us.

We’ll reflect upon the spiritual unfolding of grace – in it’s depth and in daily life.

The initial seeing frees us from the beliefs and thoughts we have, blaming and looking to the world of form for what we are seeking. It helps us not be afraid of any experience we might be having.

What we hope is that people will walk away changed.

Grace, insight or consciousness is a living, breathing reality; it’s not something for certain people and not others; it’s a spiritual experience which occurs via insight in any moment.

This understanding really frees us to just be ourselves, live our lives and keep open.


August 17-19, 2018
Eugene, Oregon
Three Day Retreat for $350

Friday 5-8pm: Meet and Greet with appetizers and wine.
Saturday & Sunday 10-4pm: Will break for a leisurely lunch on your own.

To guarantee your spot email Rita: or Lorie Ann 808-722-6361


Rita has been a teacher, counselor, and mentor of The Three Principles for over 40 years. Lorie Ann shares the understanding in her coaching practice and has been a teacher, coach, and mentor for 21 years.


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