Three Principles Hawaii is dedicated to helping people around the globe find more peace of mind, joy, and wisdom in their lives – no matter what.

Three-Principles-Hawaii-WaterfallOur Philosophy

It is your birthright to:

  • Be content and happy, unconditionally.
  • Live with a sense of ease and well-being, free of chronic stress, worry, anxiety, and depression.
  • Have harmonious, peaceful relationships, based on respect, love, and understanding.
  • Be naturally secure, resilient, and at peace knowing you have answers, common sense, and wisdom within to handle life’s challenges.

Our work is based on three simple but profound principles. These principles are being shared all over the world and are internationally recognized as effective, long-term, life-changing, and transformative.

About Us: 

Three Principles Hawaii has decades of experience guiding people toward the real source of their experience and true source of their happiness. Clients and students come to us from all walks of life and from all over the world. We are confident we can help.

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Our Services:

Three Principles Hawaii offers customized services to groups, organizations, individuals, couples, families, and 3 principles practitioners, locally and internationally. These services include:

Enjoy life.

Bring out the best in yourself and others.

Know you have an infinite supply of common sense and wisdom.

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