An amazing event occurred in 1973 when an ordinary man, a welder, named Sydney Banks had an “out of the blue” epiphany, the realization of the universal, simple, yet profound source of all life and human experience. He realized that the Spiritual Truth that came to him was the answer to alleviating human suffering throughout the world. He spent the rest of his life sharing the innate wisdom of how life and human experience is created from within our own minds, moment to moment, via three elements, three spiritual principles, Mind, Thought and Consciousness. He also realized that this Truth or understanding was carried in the Soul Consciousness of every human being and was the birthright of each soul to awaken to the knowledge of their soul. This understanding has brought hope, relief and transformation for thousands of people, globally, from all walks of life.

“It is through Universal Mind, Universal Thought and Universal Consciousness that we transform the invisible spiritual energy into our personal reality.” (Sydney Banks, 2005)

These Principles reveal our true nature to be innately healthy and wise before we learn to think anything and after we learn to think about ourselves and life. The Three Principles Paradigm is a complete and absolute understanding of human experience, moment to moment, from the inside out.

Universal Mind is the formless intelligent energy of all things. In Hawaii it is referred to as Mana.

Universal Thought is the creative power to bring the formless energy into form giving us physical reality and human experience, i.e. perception, feeling, reaction, behavior and physical sensation, moment to moment.

Universal Consciousness is spiritual power to see and experience thought as a reality and to know our reality and human experience is coming from within via Mind, Thought and Consciousness.