Three Principles and Our Services

All our services are based on The Three Principles, an understanding and approach that is recognized internationally as effective, long term, life changing and transformative.

What are the principles?

Mind is the spiritual intelligence, the formless intelligent energy that is the source all life and human experience. This means that our reality and experience is being created from within, via a spiritual source.

Thought is the ability, the spiritual power to give shape to the formless energy creating our reality and experience from the inside out. This means that moment to moment we see, feel, react and behave via our own use of thought from within.

Consciousness is the ability, the spiritual power to be aware, to bring to life the experience of our use of Thought, our thinking in the moment; and, to know that what we see and how we feel is coming from within, via the spiritual gifts of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.


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Our Services:

Three Principles Hawaii offers customized services to groups, organizations, individuals, couples, families and 3 principles practitioners, locally and internationally. These services include:

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